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Super simple, super tasty tomato pasta

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Taking pictures of your pasta dish in Italy for the gram... 3/10

Taking pictures of your homemade plant-based Italian pasta dish for the gram... 11/10

Food Engineer: Jed Coiley

*Feeds two people. Whip up in 20 mins. Approx 75p per portion*


· 200g dried spaghetti.

· 1 tin of chopped tomatoes.

· 1 brown onion. 

· 2 cloves of garlic. 

· 1 courgette. 

· 1 chili. 

· Dried mixed herbs (basil), smoked paprika, salt and pepper.


1) Boil 2 litres of water in pan and add spaghetti. Cook for 10 mins with lid on.

2) Chop 1 onion finely, add to medium pot on low heat with dash of oil. Stir frequently until they start to gently sizzle.

3) After 5 mins, add finely chopped garlic, courgette and pepper to pot.

4) Add 1/2 teaspoon of smoked paprika and 1/2 teaspoon of salt.

5) Allow veggies to cook for another 5 mins, stir occasionally. Add tinned tomatoes, mixed herbs and basil.

6) Let sauce bubble away for another 5 mins (or as long as you can wait...). Season with salt and pepper to taste. 

7) Drain pasta and add sauce. Stir so every strand is loaded with flavour.

8) Serve in warm bowls and slurp away!

Top tip: This recipe can be added to, chopped and changed and adapted to whatever ingredients you have. Exchange or add in any veggies you have lying around when you're at stage 3. Great options are: leek, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, mange-tout, frozen peas and spinach.  

Level-it up with a handful of mushrooms (150g). Heat a frying pan to high and add a couple dashes of sunflower oil. Sizzle mushrooms for a few mins, then add a minced clove of garlic and a sprinkle of salt. Allow to fry until almost golden. Pepper and serve on top of pasta. Ohh La La.

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