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The idea behind Greens + Beans is to share our passion for and experience with eating a more sustainable diet.

Our first mission is to create a culture where we give a little more thought to the food we eat, for example, where it’s sourced and how it impacts the landscape around us. We aim to create this dialogue by talking about plant-based matters in an educated and researched way. 

Our second mission is to get people, in the broadest possible sense, to eat one meat, egg and dairy free meal a week. We hope to achieve this by providing recipes which demonstrate how it is possible to enjoy eating delicious food without placing a strain on your wallet or natural environment, and which reflect the diversity of the UK through our range of cuisines. 

The essence of Greens + Beans is great energy and planetary positivity. 

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Oat enthusiast and bean hype man.





Plant-based connoisseur.

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