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Rice n peas

The staple Jamaican side-dish. Serve with pretty much, whatever you like. Just make sure your plate looks colourful. Swipe across to see what we served it with.

Food engineer: Anissa Morris.

*Serves enough for 3-4 people. Cook in 1.5 hours*


· 1/2 a tin of coconut milk.

· 1 cup of basmati rice.

· 1/2 of dried kidney beans.

· 1 spring onion.

· 3 cloves of garlic.

· A handful of fresh thyme.

· Non-dairy butter (we recommend flora).

· Scotch bonnet or a chilli pepper.

· Pinch of salt.


1) Soak your kidney beans overnight with three gloves of garlic. Alternatively, you can skip this step and use a can of kidney beans. However, it pays to be prepared - the quality of dried beans is unmatched.

2) In a medium sized pot, on high heat, add the drained kidney beans and cover with coconut milk and water (50:50).

3) Boil your kidney beans until the beans are soft and the coconut milk has turned a dark brown-purple colour.

4) Wash your basmati rice and add to the pot with the kidney beans. IMPORTANT: you want the rice to just be covered (remove excess or add more coconut milk depending). Also add spring onion, fresh thyme, scotch bonnet (whole), salt and tablespoon of butter.

5) Cover the pan and cook on low heat. Fluff with a fork occasionally and make sure rice doesn't stick to the bottom.

6) Dish up when rice is cooked.

Top-tip: Before serving, make sure you remove the spring onion, thyme and scotch bonnet (unless of course, you wish to die a fiery death).

Bonus top-tip: If you have too much liquid in step 4, ladle out the excess into a mug. Now you've got a mini-soup.

Level it up with fresh coconut milk from a coconut!

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