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Bright Orange Rissoto!

I’ve served this at dinner parties and people have said things like “that’s tasty”. This is delicate and sophisticated, as well as being comforting and filling. Like a backrub from Jeff Goldblum.

Food Engineer: Jed Coiley

*Feeds 4 plus good leftovers, £1 a portion, 1 chilled hour*

Ingredients: · 1 Butternut squash. · 2 Sweet potatoes. · 1 Large white onion. · 4 Garlic cloves. · 1.5L Veggie stock. · A Splash white wine (optional). · 300g Garden peas. · A tsp of rosemary, sage and thyme. · 300g Risotto rice.

Method: 1) Wash and chop the potatoes and squash into 1cm chunks (leaving the skin on!). Spread across 2 baking trays and toss with sunflower oil, herbs and seasonings. Chuck in 2 peeled cloves of garlic for a flavour bomb! Bake at 170 degrees Celsius for about 30 mins, until everything is starting to turn golden at the edges. 2) While everything is baking, finely dice your onion and remaining garlic - slowly sweat in a large pan on a low heat until all is gently cooked. Have your veggie stock hot in a separate large pan. 3) For the final 5 mins of roasting, chuck the rice in with the onions and garlic. 4) Take out your roasted veg, keep about ⅓ aside and put the rest in with the veggie stock. This will keep bubbling away, slowly disintegrating your veg (this is good!). 5) Splash of wine in with the rice and stir it round, letting it bubble off. 6) Put on a good podcast because you’ll be crafting a risotto for the foreseeable future.

In-Production: the Risotto.

7) Slowly, ladle by ladle, add the veggie stock to the rice (taking just the liquid). After each addition, stir continuously, until all the liquid is absorbed and the mixture is thick before adding the next. 8) Continue until you’re out of liquid, taste the rice, if it’s not quite cooked you may need to add a bit of water to loosen it while everything keeps bubbling. 9) Once the rice is cooked, mash the remaining veg in the stock pan. Add this paste to the risotto, this is going to make it thick and flavoursome and amazing. Season to taste. 10) Add some frozen peas, cook for a couple of mins, then add the remaining whole chunks of veg, for a bit of texture variety ya know!?

11) Serve up in bowls and be happy.

Top-tip: Best enjoyed with a glass of OJ whilst listening to Orange by Frank Ocean, wearing an orange t-shirt, and using a spoon fashioned out of an orange peele.

Level-it up with a dollop of plant-based butter in step 9, if you're feeling indulgent.

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