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Top-tips for successfully travelling on a plant-based diet

- Because not everyone wants to eat cheese-less pizza or a strange assortment of side-dishes on their holibobs

Top-tip #1: Do your research

Whilst a quick Google search will often weed out the local vegan hotspots, why stop there? Check out Happy Cow, a pretty awesome platform with an almost exhaustive list of vegetarian and vegan restaurants with reviews galore. Speak to locals too!

Top-tip #2: Preparation is key

If you like (a) saving money and (b) not wasting your time endlessly trekking up and down high streets staring at those restaurant menus in the little glass boxes (anyone know what they're called???), then I recommend preparing some snacks or meals in advance.

Take me, James. I recently went to Cardiff for a staycation and took a home-blend porridge with me in a Tupperware box (see pics below).

My home-blend:

- Oats.

- Cinnamon.

- Nutmeg.

- Dried papaya and pineapple.

- Desiccated coconut.

- Ground almonds.

- A sprinkling of sugar.

James' home-blend. Feel free to fiddle around and come up with your own!

To cook-up your porridge, pop the kettle on and add boiling water to a bowl or a mug. Stir furiously with a spoon, adding more water when needed, until the porridge is smooth. If you're in need of some cement, just add a small amount of water. It's up to you.

Top-tip #3: Remain open-minded and don't be afraid to ask

Sometimes the best things in life come when you least expect them. The best plant-based meal I've eaten in my entire life was at a steak restaurant. If there isn't anything on the menu that caters for your needs, ask the restaurant staff if the chef can cook you up something special. Most of the time, staff are more than happy to help and chefs enjoy the challenge of trying to something a lil different. If you're planning something for a special day, call ahead and see what the restaurant can do for you.

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