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Zero Waste Competition Winners!

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

After a month of straining their creativity to the limits, our readers have entered some incredible, bizzare, and delicious recipes to use the forgotten and left-behind food items. With many successes (and some failures: turns out baked and powdered onion skin does not make a nice seasoning) comes high competition. This year the winner of our collaboration with Zero Waste UCL is:

Sarah Hunt + Megan O'Callaghan

With a courgette-water-bonus-pancake recipe, not only is this a bizarre way to save nutrients normally confined to the sink. BUT it also means you get a surprise extra dish with your main course. The quality of the recipe was fantastic and it will soon be featured on the website where it belongs.

The 2 runners up will also take pride of place on our illustrious spice up your life page, and they will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

All of the entries were amazing, and each brought with them unique pieces of knowledge and wisdom. We wanted to bring these nuggets together in an eclectic and fantastic set of food waste saving tips:

  • When making a curry, use the ginger peel to flavour your rice (make sure you give it a good rinse and scrub first!).

  • Potato and carrot skins can be fried or baked to make crunchy snacks.

  • Use the stalks of coriander in a dish for their flavour, and then the leaves for a pretty garnish.

  • Use the excess liquid squeezed from vegetables for pancakes!? Or stocks and broths. What vegetables can you do this with? We must push forward into the unchartered frontiers of scientific experimentation in order to find out.

  • When you have old, leftover veg , cook it up in a soup, stew or curry.

  • Broccoli stalks make an amazing noodle substitute!

  • Think about your leftovers, if you can't eat them soon, freeze them in portion sizes so you can defrost them for a quick meal.

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