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Two-minute toast

Bored of avo toast? Try this.

Food engineer: Lauren Wainwright.

*Serves 1. Costs £1.50. Cupboard to plate in 2 minutes (woah!)*


· 1 slice of rye bread, toasted.

· 1/2 a ripe avocado.

· 1/3 tin of chickpeas (or black beans or peanuts...whatever floats your boat). This is a great way to squeeze in an extra bit of protein into your diet.

· Dash of lemon or lime juice.

· 1/2 a spring onion.

· Chilli flakes (or chilli powder/cayenne/paprika etc) if you’re feeling spicy.

· Salt and pepper.


1) Smash the avocado in a bowl. This is your opportunity to vent any early morning anger.

2) Add chopped spring onions, chickpeas (be sure to store the liquid or aquafaba in a container, recipe coming soon...), citrus juice and chilli flakes. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Mix well.

3) Load combo onto toasted rye bread.

4) Gobble and make a dash for the tube!

Top-tip: When selecting your avocado, peel-off the stem on the top. Look for green or yellow, avoid brown or when stem is hard to peel off.

Level-it up with some left-overs. You can't go wrong by adding a bit of marinated tofu , cajun black beans, or some random veg you've got chillin' in the fridge.


It's fair to say our food engineer Lauren knows her stuff when it comes to food. She studied Nutrition and Psychology at Newcastle Uni, has completed various cookery courses + has worked part-time at a cookery school! Expect more unreal recipes from Lauren in the future.

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