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Thai GREEN curry

Made by us with you in mind. Here's a creamy, aromatic curry.

Food engineer: Jed Coiley

*Enough for 4/5 big portions. Cook up in 25 minutes*


· 150g Thai green curry paste.

· Big knob of ginger

· 1 onion.

· 3 cloves garlic.

· 1 1/2 chilli.

· 2 tins of coconut milk.

· 1 broccoli.

· 1/2 tub of mushrooms.

· 2 bell peppers.

· Handful of baby corn.

· Handful of mange tout (or another #green #bean).

· Kaffir lime leaves, lemon grass, chilli flakes.


1) Thinly slice onion, garlic, ginger and chilli. Slowly fry all in a large pan on medium for 5 mins. Add the curry paste and additional fresh spices if you have them. Fry it all off nicely.

2) Add the chopped broccoli and mushrooms and fry them for another 5-10 mins.

3) Add the peppers and corn, and then the coconut milk. Let this bubble away for as long as you can wait - should be smelling pretty amazing at this point!

4) Finally, add the mange tout a few mins before serving so they're still crunchy.

5) Season and serve with rice.

Top Tip: Don't overcook the veg so it stays crunchy!

Level up: Add crushed peanuts on-top for that added crunchy salty luxury. You're welcome.

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