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Sweetheart tofu

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

How will the U.K. solve the Irish backstop problem? Does the US government conduct research on aliens in area 51? How do we combat climate change before it's too late? How the hell do you cook tofu?

All legitimate questions, but we've only got answers to the last two. Tofu is delicious, whether you are using it to substitute meat (the texture is similar-ish and it soaks up flavour) or making it the centrepiece of your dark, twisted fantasy. More importantly, it is a great low-carbon, high-protein alternative to meat (a massive contributor to climate change).

We have three simple tricks to cooking with tofu:

(1) Choose firm, not silken.

(2) Marinate/season beforehand.

(3) Pan-fry until golden and crispy.

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Food Engineers: Anissa Morris and James Fotherby.

*Feeds 2. Serve up with extra soy sauce in just 30 mins*


· 200g of firm tofu (we recommend 1/2 a pack of Cauldron tofu block).

· 1/2 a sweetheart cabbage, sweetheart.

· 120g of basmati rice.

· 1 clove of garlic.

· 1/2 a spring onion.

· Soy sauce.

· Sesame oil.

· 1/4 or less of a bell pepper.

· A generous handful of shiitake mushrooms for that umami HIT (optional).


1) In a bowl, mix together a generous splash of soy sauce (don't worry about adding too much as excess will be used later) with diced spring onion and garlic.

2) Open the pack of tofu, drain away the water and lightly press tofu. Cut 1/2 into slices.

3) With care, individually dip the tofu into the soy sauce mix, making sure each slice is completely covered. Leave the tofu in the bowl for as long as possible to marinate.

4) Place a washed and quartered cabbage into a baking tray. Massage sesame oil, salt and pepper into the cabbage. Cook for about 20 minute in an oven at 160 degrees, check frequently and rotate!

5) Heat-up a well oiled pan. When oil starts to sizzle, add marinated tofu. Carefully flip tofu when one side starts to look golden. Finished tofu should be crispy and golden.

6) While the tofu and the cabbage do their thing, cook the rice. For how to cook fluffy rice, check out our other recipe.

7) Plate up your tofu, cabbage and rice. Drizzle with leftover soy sauce mix (adding diced bell peppers for colour that pops).

8) Tuck in!

Top-tip: When seasoning the cabbage, don't be afraid to get physical. Use your hands and get in between the layers for maximum taste.

Level-it up with a handful of chopped shiitake mushrooms. Add in step 4, season in a similar fashion and place in between cabbage layers and around the baking tray. Use bok choy instead of sweetheart cabbage for more intense flavours.

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