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Singapore noodles

Looking for a super colourful and fresh dish to brighten the dark winter days? Look no further, here's the dish for you.

Food engineer: Mei Tek Wong.

*Feeds two. Wok it up in 10 mins*


· Vermicelli (rice noodles) - use enough for two people, use your eye.

· 1 bell pepper (bonus points if you use a third of a green, yellow and red pepper). · 1 carrot.

· 1/2 a red onion.

· 1 spring onion.

· 1 leaf of nappa cabbage (sweetheart cabbage will do too).

· 1tsp of turmeric.

· 1.5tbsp of curry powder (bonus points if its Madras).

· 2tsp of salt.

· 1.2tsp of white pepper.

· 1.25 of sugar.


1) Prep is key. Slice your bell peppers, dice your onions, grate your carrot, and roughly chop your cabbage.

2) Mix together your spices in a small bowl. 3) Drizzle oil in wok on highest heat. Add noddles and veggies. Stir frequently to avoid burning the goods.

4) When noodles and veg have cooked, add spices bit by bit until every-single noodle is well-spiced.

5) Serve and garnish with coriander.

Top-tip: To nail this dish you'll have to harness 'the breath of the wok' (wok hei in Cantonese). Gas-stove is optimal, but if you're using an electric hob have no fear - just be sure to use the largest ring and two spatulas.

Level-it up with a garnish and an instagram filter.


Mei Teck's cooking adventure started at the age of 13 when she moved to a school in England and learnt to cook food that reminded her of home (Kuching in East Malaysia). Nowadays Mei Teck also enjoys cooking western food, particularly Spanish.

To keep up to date with the culinary adventures of Mei Teck be sure to follow her instagram


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