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Roast Butternut Squash Soup

Butternut miss out on this one!

Hearty, creamy soup with the zing of ginger and a pleasant chilli kick: optimal for the chilly nights

Food Engineer: Jed Coiley

* Feeds 6. About an hr to soup-up, but low effort! 75p per portion*


· A butternut squash.

· 2 sweet potatoes.

· 2 white onion.

· 3 garlic cloves.

· A thumb ginger.

· 1 red chilli.

· 1 tin of coconut milk.

· 1L veg stock.


1) Wash and roughly chop the squash and potatoes (no need to peel them). Place in a large baking tray with a good splash of oil and roast at 170 degrees celcius for about 40 mins. You want everything to be cooked through with some browning for flavour!

2) While your veg is roasting away, chop your onions, garlic, peel and chop ginger (use a teaspoon to peel!) and the chili. Add all this to a nice big saucepan with a splash of oil and fry on a low temp until the onion is translucent.

3) Add the roasted veg to the pan along with the coconut milk and veg stock. There should be enough liquid to cover all the veggies, if there isn’t enough, just add more boiling water.

4) Blitz the whole lot with a stand mixer until nice and smooth. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Top-tip: This is a great meal prep dish. Make loads and freeze. Quickly defrost and heat in microwave for those busy evenings.

Level-it up with a nice crusty hunk of bread.

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