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Peanut noodles

This recipe will literally cost you peanuts.

Food engineer: Jed Coiley & Hera Bradly

(*Feeds two. £2 a portion*)


· 1 broccoli.

· 1 bell pepper.

· 1 large handful of mushrooms.

· 1/2 of a spring onion.

· 400g cooked noodles.

· 100ml of water.

· Pepper.


· Peanut-butter 2 tbsp.

· Soy sauce 3 tbsp.

· Sesame oil 1 tbsp.

· Tahini 2 tbsp.

· 1 knob of ginger.

· 2 of cloves garlic.

· Chilli pepper.


1) Slice the broccoli, and start frying in a deep pan with a bit of oil.

2) Add all the sauce ingredients to a blender, and blitz till smooth to form a paste.

3) Chop up the other veggies, add to pan, and fry until soft and cooked.

4) Add the peanut paste to the veggies, mix well, and continue to fry off.

5) Add about 100ml of water to loosen everything. This will form a rich sauce.

6) Add the cooked noodles and heat everything on high to piping hot, add more water if necessary. Season with pepper.

7) Serve up, be sure to take an artsy photo to impress all your mates. Tweet us your pic @greensandbeans_

Top-tip: There is no need to season dish with salt, as there should be enough from the soy sauce and peanut butter combined.

Pimp-it up with some protein-packed firm tofu. Before slicing tofu into cm chunks, press moisture out of tofu. Fry in separate pan on high heat until dark golden and crispy on all sides, add to dish in step 6. For extra perzazz marinade the tofu in a soy and syrup before.

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